Swimming Pool safety inspections

Comprehensive preliminary inspection and compliance certification.

We offer Compliance and Certification Inspections. Preliminary Inspections to assist you in achieving Compliance within Council timeframes.


Victoria’s No. 1 Pool Inspection team.

Preliminary Pool Safety Barrier Consultation

If you suspect your pool or spa is not compliant, this it the service for you.

If you book a compliance inspection and non-compliance issues are identified you face additional fees and a mandatory non-compliance period of a maximum of 60 days in order to address these issues. 

Compliance Inspections & Certificates

Comprehensive site inspection and assessment of pool safety barriers for compliance with regulatory requirements.

If your safety barriers are compliant; a Compliance Certificate will be issued for you to lodge with Council.

Re-inspection of your Pool or Spa if Required

Re-inspection of your pool or spa after recommended repairs or alterations are complete.

Issue of compliance certificate and scheduled reminder to ensure you have plenty of notice when your next inspection is required in order to maintain compliance.

Electronic booking, invoicing and credit card payments

Detailed advice and recommendations on any additional repairs required

Scheduled reminder 6 months before your next inspection is required.

Self-Assessment Checklists


For pools and spas installed before the 8th of April 1991.


For pools and spas installed between the 8th of April 1991 and the 30th of April 2010.


For pools and spas that were installed from the 1st of May 2010.

Pricing & Packages

Victoria's No. 1 Pool Inspection Team

We offer Compliance Inspections, Certification, and Preliminary onsite Consultations to avoid Non-Compliance fees and Mandatory timelines for corrective action.


Pre-Compliance Consultation


If you suspect your safety barriers are not compliant, we recommend this service prior to a Compliance Inspection.

  • Includes a comprehensive assessment to determine everything you need to do to meet compliance checks.
  • By using our Pre-Compliance Consultation service prior to booking a Compliance Inspection you can be sure your pool or spa will meet compliance and save time and money.*



Compliance Inspection


Confident your pool or spa meets regulations? This is for you.

  • Detailed on-site barrier and pool compliance inspection.
  • Advice, recommendations and detailed report on any Non-Compliant issues.
  • Certificate of Compliance or Detailed Report for Non-Compliance matters within 48 hours.
  • Automatic reminder service



Re-Inspection for Compliance

Required if non-compliant

Mandatory re-inspection for failed Compliance Inspection.

  • On-site Safety Barrier and Pool Compliance Re-Inspection.
  • Recommendations and detailed report on any non-compliance issues.
  • Certificate of Compliance or Non-compliane within 48 hours.
  • Automatic reminder service.



* If you fail a compliance inspection, the new Victorian regulations provide a maximum time frame of 60 days to address non-compliance issues, and additional council-imposed non-compliance fees may apply.

Please note a travel surcharge may apply for some regional areas.

Failure to lodge your compliance certificate within the specified timeframes could result in fines of up to $1652.20

See below for lodgement due dates based on the construction date of your pool or spa.

If your pool was constructed or installed on or before 30 June 1994 you must lodge your compliance certificate by the 1st of June 2021.

If your pool was constructed between 1st July 1994 and 30th April 2010 you must lodge your compliance certificate by the 1st of June 2022.

If your pool was constructed between 1st May 2010 to 31st May 2020 you must lodge your compliance certificate by the 1st of June 2023.

how it works

The process of ensuring you meet your regulatory requirements


Register your pool

Register your pool or spa with your local Council prior to the 1 November 2020.

You council will then issue you with a statement on when the pool/spa was installed.

If you prefer we offer a ‘Concierge’ service that includes lodgement and registration with council on your behalf.



Safety Barrier Inspection

Book your inspection with Pool Safe  Compliance and we will schedule a time and day that suits you to carry out a site inspection and provide a detailed report on any issues found.  If there are no safety issues,  a certificate of compliance will be issued within 48 hours.


Non-Compliance Issues

If non-compliance issues are found, you will be given a timeframe to rectify these issues, which by law is a maximum of 60 days.  If the non-compliance concerns are not rectified within the required timeframe a Certificate of  Non-Compliance will be issued, which may incur additional council fees or penalties.

If you are concerned your pool may not be compliant, we suggest booking our preliminary inspection to avoid any stressful legislative-imposed timelines or fees.


Certificate Lodgement

We will issue you with a certificate of compliance within 48 hours which is to be lodged with your local Council before the due date specified. 


Automated Reminder

Our set and forget reminder service ensure you will receive reminder notices well ahead of when your next inspection is due to ensure your pool or spa meets your regulatory requirements.


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